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New form “F” as per amendment Dated 31st January 2014 is up loaded.

(1) Monthly reports has been made operational since 1 September 2013.

(2) Form 'F' can be submitted online up to five calendar days from the date of procedure.

(3) We have implemented feature to 'Review' forms before actual submission. Saved Forms will be automatically displayed after login and can also be accessed under the 'Home' screen. Please note that the 'Deadline Date' is calculated as five days from the date of carrying out the procedure. Also, the system will itself automatically submit 'Saved' forms that are not reviewed and have crossed their Deadline Date. Thereafter, changes shall not be possible in the submitted 'F' form.

(4)You can set one doctor as 'Default' by accessing the option available under the 'Home' screen. The details of that 'Default' doctor will be automatically populated while filling 'F' Forms thereby saving precious time.

(5) For changes to the details of the centre and addition/deletion of doctors in 'Form A', please submit necessary hard copies to your respective Appropriate Authority of District/Municipal Corporation. They have been trained to add/modify details in the software.

(6) For addition of doctors in the software, details regarding their Specialization, Registration Number and Years of Experience are mandatory.

(7) For Administrative Queries (State Family Welfare Bureau PCPNDT Cell, Pune), please email us at pndt07@gmail.com. Contact Details: 020-26058476/ Ext. 124 (From 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. on working days only)

(8) For Technical Queries (Technical Team,Mahaonline,Mumbai), please email us at support@mahaonline.gov.in Contact Details: 022-61316400 (From 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. on working days only)

(9) For assistance regarding password, formal mail request with details of centre is mandatory

(10) We are working towards making printable version of submitted 'F' form in two pages